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A Review Of The Rules Of Bingo

Bingo is one of the oldest games of chance in existence. Traditionally, to play, you needed a bass drum full of balls with numbers and a series of cards where the numbers of the drum also appeared.

At the start of the game, the announcer would spin the drum, take out a ball, and announce the number associated with it out loud. For their part, the participants crossed out from their cards the numbers that appeared in the drum.

The first player who manages to complete a line from his cardboard (always horizontally) can sing a line and receive the second prize. The game ends when one of the participants gets all the numbers that appear on his cardboard out of the drum. When this occurs, the player can sing bingo and receive the first prize.

In the case of online bingo, the rules are the same, although the hype has been replaced by a random number generator program, and the cards are no longer paper.

The origins of bingo

Although there are multiple theories about when to start playing bingo, some historians place the origins of this game in the time of the barbarians. Back then, it was not a simple game, but rather a method used for tax collection.

It is believed that a container with different balls was used to represent the different towns. Knights and soldiers would use these balls to decide from which villages they would receive gold, silver, or other minerals. With the passage of time, this method would cease to be a way to raise money and would become one more form of leisure.

Contrary to this theory, another group of specialists believes that the origins of this game go back to 16th century Italy. At that time, a national lottery known as ‘Il Giocco del Lotto d’Italia’ was held in the country. It is believed that this game may have been the predecessor of what we now know as bingo.

Currently, the most popular types of bingo are 90 balls and 75 balls. With the appearance of the first online casinos, the first online bingo rooms also appeared. With them, there is no need for any hype, but as everything is digitized, the draw of numbers is done through virtual systems.…